Welcome to Harefield Gymnastics Academy (HGA)…

HGA is a nationally recognised academy specialising in acrobatic gymnastics as well as recreational gymnastics.

The Academy has had great success since it was set up in 2006, by its founder Natasha Maxwell, producing regional, national, European and international champions and medalist.

HGA is committed to providing maximum opportunities for all our gymnasts to achieve their full potential. We currently have a competitive squad of over 90 gymnasts with a further 300 recreational gymnasts, ranging in age from 3 to 20 years old.

At HGA we believe gymnastics contributes to giving young children and teenagers a positive focus in life and enriches them with great life skills to take forward into adulthood.

Free Tasters & Trials

If your child is interested in joining Harefield Gymnastic Academy at either recreational or competitive squad level, then book a free taster or trial today by clicking on our ‘Taster & TrialĀ  tab or by clicking on the links below.

We look forward to welcoming you to Harefield Gymnastics Academy soon.

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If you would like to access photographs from DE Photos for gymnastics events or other sporting events, please make sure you have the appropriate password then simply click on the ‘DE Photos’ link at the bottom of this page and order your photographs.

” not only have my children developed their gymnastics skills they have also developed new friendships outside of school, learnt time management skills and the discipline needed at performance level with the balance of training and school work. They both LOVE being part of the Harefield Gymnastics Academy family”

A big fan of yours

“having a sport for my child to focus on was important to me to help him keep fit. Harefield Gymnastics Academy encourages him to learn general gymnastics in a fun, supportive and caring way. He thoroughly enjoys his recreational gym class…”

A big fan of yours